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We produce 
bar codes

From a simple label to a code that will endure all that you can throw at it, we can supply barcodes that will always result in a beep

We have the capability to mark, or print, durable barcodes onto a variety of surfaces using either our laser systems or printing equipment.

In fact we have recently supplied a large quantity of super durable self-adhesive bar code labels to a large airline. The product is unique being able to withstand huge temperature variation from -90C to +200c as well as solvents and abrasion.

  • Perfect for
  • Retail
  • Stock Management
  • Asset Management
  • GPS Location

I am impressed by your ability to not only deliver a quality product on time every time, but to do it for a fantastic price. I have no hesitation in recommending Avonmouth Signs to anyone looking for responsiveness, professionalism, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Craig Coultman-Smith